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Pay Per Click (PPC) Administration

"I spent $500.00 in 3 days with Google Keywords and didn't get a single sale"
                              ~Recent New Customer Call to PWS Office

An effective Pay Per click program has its success defined by only one criteria. That criteria is a simply a high conversion ratio between the cost of the program to the profit derived by the clicks.  Or, to simplify the concept, if it costs your company $100 in clicks for a $50 sale, something is wrong!

At PWS, we are internet marketing specialists.   We realize that most companies are focused on running their respective businesses and don't have the time, nor the desire to leave all of the subtle nuances that can separate a disastrous PPC campaign from one that is highly profitable.

Our PPC Administration services has helped many of our clients see immediate and measurable revenue within a matter of days.

From the identification of the best keywords to use (not always the top keywords) to the recommendation of many PPC content providers that serve content to the middlemarket search engines, we will provide a maximum return on your PPC investment.

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