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Did you know that the search engines currently favor your keywords at a 7%-9% density?  Most folks don't realize that the text content on their web site is critical to two types of visitors.

Your human audience will demand information about your products or services.   They'll want to know about your company in an easy to read format.  Textual content development is unlike traditional text.  Web surfers prefer short, feature rich bursts of text.

Your hidden audience will never call you.  They will never make a purchase, in fact, most web site owners know little of their very existence.  Once indexed by a search engine, the engines will come back regularly to your site.  If they like what they see, you are rewarded with a high ranking.  Present content that is confusing to the engines, and your site stays at the bottom of the list.

At Professional Web Site Services, we know how to write content that is favored by both audiences.  Our keyword rich text is developed by our team of text developers with over 20 years of textual content and marketing experience!  

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